Some business should do the final sprint of the webmaster friends

Shanghai dragon has a very important principle is that we must build and update the chain to the station every day! Although the business circle to find a lot of this website ranking is still relatively stable, like the old Chen awful website rankings for the first time is the most, but this is not guaranteed, like today this site fell to second to, perhaps because of changes in the search engine algorithm is probably caused by the webmaster friends because the update or > on the content

electric business circle game since the webmaster friends, never stop the fierce competition, the word "business", from the beginning to now infighting, No one shows any interest in, start from 2011 April 1st to a blink of an eye, over the past two months, now to June 22nd, is coming to an end, from which to see that many owners pay a lot of business competition, from the web site, the reverse link can be observed, even many owners from railway station started, although ranked outside the top 100, but we can also get a lot of experience and practice from.

electric business circle game can be said to verify the algorithm can change constantly love Shanghai, first place in the remains of the site there is no change, even the first page is still very great, which not only have the webmaster friends to optimize the function of website, including the change of love Shanghai algorithm caused by the face business circle game it was the end of the competition, I believe that many webmaster have a nervous heart: many of the sites in this row to the first page, hoping to keep to the left, some Adsense ranking drop very much, hope that through the efforts can go in the sprint. It can be said at this time many of the time that the state of high school. I think the business circle the final sprint stage webmaster friends need to do the following three points:


, don’t give up not forsake the mentality of

two, continue to do the content and the construction of the chain

most of the time we found some web site keywords ranking is often not so quick effect, some even require several months of adjustment, will let you have an unexpected surprise. So we can not give up easily, whether it is your website ranking well or not, we should have a positive attitude, that is on our website up and don’t give up, even now their ranking in the very back, we will unremittingly to the horse, it is their own, because the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, what kind of site in the front row, what kind of website in the back row, is it say, although some web site is the old site, but the competition is but a lot of new PR0, although the webmaster friends know the site is the most important quality content and the chain but the effect of keywords ranking is not only the two, we from the District of electrical game you can know, there are a lot of website chain is very powerful, but still not competitive ranking The opponent. We love Shanghai for the website ranking algorithm can make nothing of it, we can do is to unremittingly

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