The Links exchange website down right can add # No



map can be seen after Links plus "#" could no longer calculate.

Links in user experience also played a certain role, if the website keywords do is Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon exchange company, when visitors can also through our Links find he wants to continue to exchange information, if a link of friendship there is not the first home page is right down the situation, then we can add a "#" in the Links, which represents our website no longer for the vote, but also love Shanghai do not know this information link. One of the most obvious example is the love of Shanghai collection clip, now Shanghai has sex search hidden clip not included, because when the site collection to love Shanghai favorites love Shanghai will add a "#", in the back of the link below:

website Links every day to check, usually love linkhelper the tools to check the Links, when added "#" in the Links is not calculated in the Links within, without "#" before the Links as below:


in the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon company" the station Links plus "#" as below:


From the above two The

first love Shanghai search "#", as follows:


is the value of the user experience in the case of love Shanghai more and, when the site in Links appears to be reduced when not to delete the Links, can be shielded by the addition of "#".

Links still has a role in the exchange of Shanghai dragon, but the effect was not so pronounced as before, love Shanghai in the fight against deliberately added a lot of one-way link anchor text site, some owners may think Links may also be regarded as cheating in love Shanghai, webmaster should to consider this issue from the opposite side. Love is not a proof of what the sea hit what to help enhance the website ranking? Well, today is mainly said "#" in the role of Links.

from Shanghai is now changing love can be roughly seen in imitation of love Shanghai Google trends, such as the nofollow tag was invented by Google, now also love Shanghai in support of the label, but not completely love Shanghai and Google, the nofollow tag is to tell the search engine to track the link but does not transfer the weight, and love Shanghai is now their products on the "#", the Shanghai encyclopedia, know love love Shanghai, Post Bar link on the back with a "#" careful Shanghai dragon does not know whether or not found.

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