The new fast included 6 skills

site procedures also affect the website and ranking one of the important factors, we have a lot of common procedures, open source system (ASP: personal blog ZBLOG 2 beta now). PHP:WORDPRESS, DEDECMS, Discuz, phpwind, Kingcms, shop, recommended procedures: SHOPEX the website system especially friendly to Shanghai dragon. When I built this site is selected WORDPRESS, convenient operation, strong function, friendly love series 5 star Shanghai architecture.

so soon included, I do


space to choose a better effect, a web site collected and the space is big, check your space can be normal in accessing the IP address of the site is what type of site, if there is a K site and other factors. It is recommended that the preferred domain name, COM, like other CN, net, CC domain name does not have much authority, but if you want to make a brand COM is the best choice for you. The preferred domain with WWW, and without WWW, and the suffix is.HTML these you have to unified


This site is



2012/9/17 application domain name:

three, title,

First of all thank

tag, description tag keyword tag to love Shanghai: now seems not very important, but when necessary, can also write in, the best advice between 3-5 keywords.

Admin5 for giving us such a good Webmaster Platform let us learn a lot of knowledge, I introduce myself is "Sanya Shanghai dragon combat base:" starting point 2, 3 years ago I published a few articles have been a long time did not write the article and the webmaster to share. Now many webmaster said new love Shanghai very difficult to collect, some 1 months later, some even longer, very pleased today to 6 points to the novice webmaster to write a new fast included; site your site is already included, if not please continue to look down: now that you can site:www.sanya22贵族宝贝 he was on the line for a day;

TITLE wrote the introduction to some key words such as: 1_ 2_ 3 | keyword keywords site name, in between 64 characters; customers at a glance, the search engine is also clear, but here my site for special reasons, a little bit longer.

, web site keywords description Keywords , domain name space

two, the website program

description tags can not write; Ali Institute did not write the description tag ranking is also very good.

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