The webmaster how to bring more traffic through the long tail

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, mining long tail keywords.

two, a simple optimization of the long tail keywords.

If you find

long tail keywords again good, no optimization will bring traffic to the site. The optimization of the long tail is very simple, first of all to write about the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords in the page content must be written on the long tail keywords as the center, to ensure the original content is the one and only. When writing the content on the website should pay attention to the long tail keyword density, try to have a long tail keywords. There is the title, the key words must reflect the long tail keywords. This effect is the best. We can also use keyword optimization method to optimize the long tail keywords. In Shanghai love to know the question and answer time, to optimize the long tail keywords. In the blog article, do the anchor text in the long tail keywords place. In the signature forum with long tail keywords. Users will choose to continue browsing or out on a page after site. Effective recommend relevant pages, will reduce the rate of jump out of the search. Users continue to view it, so as to bring more traffic.

mining long tail, long tail keywords is the most simple to the site through the understanding of the content, determine the keywords, the keywords extended modification is the long tail keywords. I can also use the search for love Shanghai. In Shanghai love to enter the keyword drop-down box, and will appear at the bottom of a lot of Related words and keywords, long tail keywords is. Then each word open there will be more long tail keywords. Through the love of Shanghai know the long tail is also quite good. Keywords input website, search the long tail keywords extracted keywords and user search habits is the closest. Of course, also can use some tools. As traffic statistical tools, keywords expansion tools to expand.

to optimize the long tail keywords, we must first know what is the long tail keywords? As the name suggests, the site in addition to the target keywords, keywords can also bring traffic, is the long tail keywords. He not only exist in the title of the page, but also in content. Although the search volume is very small, is not stable. However, the long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. A web traffic is mainly through the long tail keywords bring. The following three steps to rookie webmaster simple introduce how to get traffic through the optimization of long tail keywords.


three, the distribution of long tail keywords.

we do website optimization for what? Is to get traffic through the search, and then transformed into interests. The long tail keywords is an important channel to bring traffic. As a webmaster, how should we optimize the long tail keywords, in order to bring more traffic to

found a good long tail keywords, and simple optimization, then the reasonable distribution, will bring a lot of traffic to the site, as to bring how much traffic, to see the long tail keywords in the whole website "

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