They talk about retribution the railway station is the Hong family children early maturity everywher

how to prevent and avoid their own website is like your own home let the girl effectively protect yourself safe as important search engine punishment.

now on stage, love Shanghai search engine’s personality and temperament, the same understanding has emerged, although this is not official, is not the only version, but you basically agree with the "love Shanghai aunt". As for the site being punished, now do not seem to present a simple object can do similar to comparable. Here, but Hong is here to do a venture to a website than the birth and growth of the experience is like a young girl’s journey. The website is early K, here can more intuitive understanding of the adolescent girl for a virginity event! Girls lose, suffer physical or mental violence, in addition to the girl itself, the greatest harm nature is the girl’s parents, the parents think Shu Hong is the site of the master, is to see this small article "you". However, this is the virtual world, you can not do simple accordingly ah. Otherwise, I might want to seek an explanation.

in Shanghai Longfeng field, on site is search engine punishment things, especially in the early site, is the webmaster has been one of the important topic of discussion and study, although each one according to his lights, in fact, people seem expert basic is nothing more than the few, in layman’s view, read this article may still Yunshanwuzhao feeling. This reminds me of a talk about the word article, also seems to show the same point of view. Is mainly the lack of practice.

here is Hong do a very vulgar analogy: the website is punished like home girl the virginity event! For a family, is a very serious event, and the Chinese family, a single girl from the general situation or are scarce resources.

a few days before Valentine’s day once a year, like in the teahouse general A5 essay area, did not appear to the French general romantic rose, it is out of a post, so today you are deflowered? This is a webmaster brother from the heart of the affectionate shout, brother said. He is now fully prepared all the spiritual and material aspects, such as energy-saving respect to arrest, the end is in the virtual world platform, we can not see each other anyway, if the Internet can also re ruining a vest over again, followed by a lot of posts, but Shu Hong note that no one took out like Liu Hulan and Jiang Jie as the courage and awe inspiring to be refuted, scolding the injured all over the body, are some foggy talk rubbish this society. Really is some entertainment. Moreover, this stock has crept into the evil wind in a sneaky way to A5 A5 area, the security situation might bring some small risks. In this way, hope that the owner can defend to police organization network, strengthen security patrols is.

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