True grassroots professional website construction and optimization of PK pseudo core method where

for a long time? ?

said that the world does not belong to the rich man, but not to have the right people, but to the people. Indeed, as long as the heart, money and power is perhaps desirable, but also has long been a floating cloud of smoke. Site construction and optimization is not also true? The website construction and website optimization practitioners professional pseudo thought that his great. Treat the customer site and anxiously looking forward to "not to regard it as right.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the ten twenty small companies and even micro company. In the face of rising the search engine for advertising, more inclined to hard work, constantly enrich the content of the website or build links, get a position nearer the top of the nature. More non site construction company, choose the form of outsourcing, the website optimization work commissioned by the third party company operation. There are also some companies, try to explore and learn to optimize the knowledge themselves, although the results for a long time, but the result is very satisfactory. The opposite result, let the site construction and site optimization practitioners in deep. The changing face of the search engine algorithm to adjust the core of search engine optimization methods, where? "Content is king, links to these eight words the emperor", in the end how to understand and implement

vs one: understanding deviation causes the results be quite different

"content is king, link the emperor", just eight words, but it contains not only the understanding and corresponding results. Have some experience, self styled professional website construction and website optimization practitioners, every day thinking about how to study search engine rankings regularity, and to spy on its weight assignment algorithm vulnerability. Love Shanghai clicks a few days ago crazy for a long time, and now still surviving Yuwen station system and so on, the exception is the use of the algorithm by way of cheating loophole, temporary promotion website ranking. In dealing with the content, pseudo professionals also agree with the website content is king. But from the content is king’s intention, but a lot of plagiarism, more often create the so-called pseudo original articles by software to collect the quantities of water, this self deception, the total damage or their own. Who has ever seen, rely on pseudo original, black links can be ranked by the

web page and grassroots website optimization personnel, due to their lack of technical conditions, in the implementation of it is very careful tremble with fear. It is because of this cautious, let grassroots station of search engine is fear. You know, the site is now more than 70% of the flow is from search engine. It is because of the fear, let the grassroots seriously according to the search engine requirements, and constantly enrich the original content website. In the link building, also tried to look for quality, consistent with the theme of the site, the weight of relatively high to implement. Because the content is rich, the link is very rich in resources, so it’s really hard to grassroots heart to create a website, slowly get search engine, also can improve the final ranking.

vs two: intentions of the result contrast

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