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chain refers to from other websites into their own websites, I believe that many owners have to understand her definition of links is a very important process for the website optimization, the quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. This may refer to many large chain is very powerful, because it is able to raise up the weight, weight and then optimize on the other hand, it can make the website development method, outside chain release we also said a lot, often have Links, soft Wen submitting, forum and blog publishing etc. the construction of the chain method, their advantages and each one has its own merits.


optimization is an important link in the website construction, many Shanghai Longfeng learners are directed to optimize and provide services to others to learn to do their own website, the author is a Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon is not a very long time, the knowledge of course is not very comprehensive, but in the actual process or a lot of practice, also got a lot of experience, today is a Mo Xiang Mega share it, we talk about this problem in the optimization of the link at the same time.

station in the chain, the chain meaning and practice

, thank you for your cooperation! Shanghai dragon

do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not a very difficult thing, keywords are Shanghai Longfeng er who insisted that the chain in the chain is the same, insist on doing will have the results, some owners of the chain and so on outsourcing work to others, this is also a good idea, like a lot of the Shanghai Dragon optimization, soft writing release the construction of the chain, the outsourcing team, the author has reached a consensus on cooperation and team Mo Xiangzhao, the chain work such as cooperation, personally think that can guarantee the stability and quality of the chain, and the chain and the chain need to have is this effect. This article from the original Mo Xiangzhao, please indicate the source, www.moxiangzhao贵族宝贝

station chain,

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will build their own independent blog, this time also can be used to formally Shanghai Dragon technology practice, today we first point is the station in the chain, the chain is connected to each other in the same site content page, for example, we put the station in an article. Link to another article, the chain is the webmaster can control their own links, website of reasonable air link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight, the main significance can be controlled in the webmaster, almost do not have to spend any cost, but the chain is conducive to improve the efficiency of search engines to crawl index the site is included, to the website, also can take the initiative to promote website ranking, improve the PR value, at the same time in the station can also browse the systemic circulation form System, do the chain is a very easy thing to the station, soon will be able to do up the rankings, so that traffic will follow to

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