Love does not mean Shanghai included more ranking


these days and customers together to eat dinner, chat, enjoy the fish, looks very like the tone, in fact most of the time of life is a way to be able to work at ease. We don’t need to be busy don’t need to put a scorched by the flames, a shrewd way to look at the business of this problem, in fact a lot of time to design vines and customers when friends place. We can find a place of leisure, do not eat too fast, can talk nonsense, and perhaps we can find some work related but related topics. But no matter how professional topic chat, and the end will have different effects on the beginning of each.

friends: I think my site is not popular, like fish here, a bathtub is so 2~3, so not many people see, and you look at the edge of the big and small, put a lot of fish, although little fish, but the popularity is very good. So I think the website can grow, share is based on these pages.

friends: in my opinion no difference, because these are fish, there may be differences is their shape and appearance is not the same, you may not love the fish.

rattan design: actually a website and a bowl, in fact we can put a lot of fish, can the site is very big, can do a lot of content to let the engine included our site information, but this is not the main reason to attract customers to watch you. You look at why the fish here and there is not the same as the


friends: how to say? Do the detail here is not so

we watched the fish suddenly the customer asked a very interesting topic, is the site to be included more love Shanghai ranked better? Perhaps somewhat specialized disease, my heart would like to say no, but I asked him, do you think? This problem is actually early in the early Internet have a public answer, of course, you can also search for a different result, but my heart is very clear, in fact, they are relative, not absolute. I put the customer and called a friend I think this name.

rattan design: Web content to be included in the search engine is not a bit difficult, difficult is a collection of content quality control. Just like the fish here, you see the 2 big fish tank, which alone stood a big fish, because the fish do not look good, but because it is not caused by the location of focus, you on this side of the fish, although there are small fish, but they are a lattice of a lattice are classified, and a lot of variety, easy to be kids love. At the same time here is on the position of the elevator, so subdivision location and type of favorable clear, and do a lot of our usual invisible varieties. Golden dragon fish "

rattan design: the fish itself is no problem, the problem in the aquarium put.

design: rattan is? Is there no other difference?


friends: what do you mean?

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