Do a search WeChat itself almost

and so on, Ali cloud and other vertical search failed to inform the entire market, in the current market environment, the vertical search is not only the user pay, unable to break through the limitations of the existing search, it is difficult to love to pull down Shanghai and around 360 from the user. To know the former is the first to enter the search company, which has great popularization rate of desktop entrance, WeChat as mobile products.

second, WeChat search in vertical search further. In fact, in some sense, WeChat search is to start from the vertical field, and gradually occupied the market. Unfortunately, the first step is not elected to the. With the information, WeChat users may not pay all. Because in the internal group, WeChat has no real statistics how many friends really focus on public accounts push message. Whether the information has become one of the main user habits, I think the official WeChat oneself are not sure. As immediate contact products, WeChat will have more means in the diversified development, this is really a problem.

search on the huge demand and strong tolerance has always been an important field for the Internet Co. But in the face of increasingly sophisticated search technology and love Shanghai since the establishment of long-term market advantage, any new products are very difficult to search more as. So, Ali cloud, immediately, soso is nothing but a microcosm of the entire industry search product change, even with huge resources to support Ali cloud and soso could not escape, so we can not help but sigh, perhaps the search market will only change in small places, unable to produce enough change in a large range.

in the face of all this, WeChat may not promise. The huge data of 600 million users as well as the gradual improvement of the ecosystem, WeChat seems to have found the wane in product development. Plus your Everfount itself update, WeChat search to seize the market feel the time has come. So, Sogou cooperation with WeChat search quietly on the line. For WeChat search, at first on the market is a good voice, everyone thinks that WeChat itself the amount of active users is large enough, coupled with the integration of resources such a good function can certainly win the market immediately. But it did not, until now, WeChat search is not only to make a difference in the pit above the station, more pit himself. It can be said now the WeChat search is not only a tepid state, but also in a no prospect of embarrassing point, as for why, I have some comments.

for search products, itself contains essential. The WeChat search is just a search within the two level architecture function in Sogou, has not formed a completely independent, not from a large angle to attract users and WeChat search index, based on the information, there are some limitations for the dissemination of video and pictures, it just rely on the public accounts of the creation how many of these people, and insist on creation, creation and how much is fine we can make nothing of it. Therefore, WeChat search all along has not formed a strong functional ring, allowing users to generate a habit.

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