How do the local life information website

two, according to the demand to expand the long tail word layout content

search is the latest love Shanghai users are most concerned about the content, but also directly reflects the needs of users for this keyword, we can see that this word has Changsha air-conditioning repair air-conditioning brand demand from the figure (GREE, Hisense, Changsha air conditioning maintenance beauty) and regional demand (Changsha Yuhua District air conditioning maintenance), out of our local maintenance air conditioning user needs on the basis of these we began making content.

2. fine classification information

We know that

is our local service for our local users, so we do our website before we must understand our local search service users have what demand, for example: if we do Changsha air-conditioning maintenance service providers, then our key is Changsha air conditioning maintenance. We love Shanghai Changsha air conditioning maintenance to see the word search love Shanghai (below)

local life information website so we segment class content should be how to create? Here to share several points:

is now a lot of local service industry began to gradually move toward the Internet, there are many webmaster to do local life information website, the webmaster in doing this kind of website will be faced with a problem is the content of the website should be how to do, here we first put the local information website for a classification, in order to local station life information website own a good location:

fine classification includes all aspects of our life, and our web site is involved in one aspect or two or three related aspects, and our service coverage is only one of our local municipal or county area, is the regional user groups, including local air conditioning, general industry notebook computer, refrigerator, TV and other household appliances maintenance, local moving services, local training services (including schools all subject training, tutoring, etc.) to clear the sewer, fast printing and so on many local services. Cooperation webmaster can through local services and local businesses, thus forming a profit model.

, according to the user demand classification layout

, which contains all aspects of information, 58, fair, Soufangwang these sites they have a lot of resources or funding, and through online (bidding, micro-blog, marketing) and offline (traditional media) the large area to accumulate a large number of users. The source of their content is produced by a large number of users and their, do not need to deliberately do content, and we ordinary webmaster and they did not quite into doing this type of website is very difficult.

we found the local needs of users, we can use these user needs to expand the long tail word. >

Life information platform integrated large-scale

1. integrated local information

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