From the construction of the chain guide entry into useless content optimization

, the construction of the chain focus on user experience

two, the blog chain should be re unwinding ordered up

chain is an important form of website optimization, in this year’s love Shanghai algorithm adjustment began to let many webmaster very hurt, once round the clock to engage in a large number of the chain, the end result was a fall in a sieve, because many of the construction of the chain has been the love of Shanghai recognized as invalid, especially on the forum the signature of the chain, many owners have spent great enthusiasm to reply post, but in the end, the chain in the new love Shanghai algorithm, but that is a waste of the chain, so many webmaster very painful.


actually present the construction of the chain many website is very simple, before many webmaster love BBS signature of the chain lies in the construction of the chain is very simple, as long as the reply to a few sentences in the relevant posts, and even some emoticons can achieve a chain chain, so many sites are everywhere in the forum outside the chain, the chain that apparently has no user experience, not to help users. That is the construction of the chain need to be combined with the user experience, such as the us through the soft, the chain, when the user thinks the soft said content is reasonable, the chain will click on the text of the soft into more rich content, so it can effectively improve the chain of the user experience. In other words, so the chain will often get higher weight.

blog was webmaster think it is a kind of garbage outside the chain, especially the rise of micro-blog and WeChat blog, living space appears to be further eroded, in this context, it is hard to talk about that can help optimize the website, can value advantage in fact blog has its congenital. Is also able to create a professional blog, become the ideological center, in the context of the blog weight will continue to rise, in fact there are many foreign well-known blog, many websites in China including the portal from the blog to pick the contents as news material, which illustrates the importance of blog.


of course love Shanghai will also open another door closes a door at the same time, but also to the webmaster friends pointed out the road in the chain guide love Shanghai disclosed that, the importance of love Shanghai judge the chain is through the analysis of the chain is not really to find more valuable content to help users, under this principle, Shanghai will love the chain into the algorithm system, can let the webmaster get promotion website weight. So as our webmaster also should fully understand the principle of the chain, so as to help yourself from those useless chain construction, return to starting the construction of the chain of love in the connotation of Shanghai algorithm, I believe that from the following three aspects to perfect.

in this context, the chain blog will become very important, of course for some blogs, a lot of articles reprinted the chain inside one does not love Shanghai’s attention, this is.


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