Analysis of four kinds of common site navigation structure from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon


site site is located in the head position, usually a main navigation enterprise site can be divided into the home page of the site and product information, news columns and other columns of information consultation. From the perspective of the user experience, this part of the navigation column information is the website owner wants most visitors can immediately see the information. Shanghai dragon from the point of view, the most important position in the main navigation structure of the site is located in the site and the F area, which is a position of the first search engine spiders crawling is the most valued, the higher the weight, can be said to be the key area of the site in weight transfer. This is both from the user experience point of view or Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the main site navigation is a key area in website optimization.

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view the importance of breadcrumb structure as the main navigation, but its role is not to be despised. On the business site, the main site navigation structure is switched among a plurality of column page, these columns include product columns, news columns and other columns page or some target keywords we single page, and the bread.

The main navigation structure of



3. breadcrumb structure

when we formulate a strategy for Shanghai Longfeng site, we need a key issue to consider is the site navigation. A site navigation bar like a book catalog, its content retrieval, reports, guide and other functions. As a visitor, we can borrow from the theme and navigation guidance website site, has a key role to guide visitors, the site navigation has a pivotal position in an optimization project. On site navigation, we need to know the structure of the navigation, the navigation structure type can be divided into four categories, the author will analyze the Shanghai based Phoenix this four kinds of navigation structure effect.


2. side navigation structure

said Vice navigation, we know that its role is to assist our main navigation, general ordinary sites are rarely used this blessing navigation navigation structure, generally used in the case of the main navigation we use is Flash or picture, will add a pair of navigation in the bottom of the site structure. The reason for this was mainly to the Shanghai dragon, because we know the structure identification and navigation images or Flash search engine is not very good, and with the help of navigation can to some extent alleviate this problem. The auxiliary navigation structure is the anchor text made by some key word site consisting of. For a site – navigation is not essential goods, but if there are side navigation like icing on the cake, more conducive to the site of the Shanghai dragon.

The main navigation structure

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