520 after using soso to ask the promotion more awesome

is the author of more than do Soso Ask for a little experience of promotion, in 520 after doing it for website promotion is very favorable. Today is the first to share with you here, this article from the "Babanu shopping network" original, reproduced please indicate the source. This article by www.babanu.cn

1. registered several QQ number to open the Soso Ask, first do not send links until the account the high level in the hair, mainly to answer some questions related to the theme of the site and increase the value of experience, until the three can be integrated into the link in the answer, don’t be too greedy, one day send three or four link enough, otherwise it will be banned, what title.

can be seen from the above screenshot Soso Ask ranking from the original is not in the home, now to love Shanghai home. It has undergone a qualitative change in the weight of love in Shanghai, so this time we do not complain, seize the opportunity, do Soso Ask the promotion to increase website traffic. The following is a summary of the experience at Soso Ask:

in contributions!

May 20th love Shanghai updated many webmaster in the QQ group forum reflects a strong, said in the key words out, some even can not find, and indeed, a few words I managed to stand Babanu station hand has been in the home, love Shanghai updated on the first three pages were missing. 520 love Shanghai algorithm to do the adjustment, caused a great disturbance in the webmaster, nothing is immutable and frozen, Shanghai dragon is the same, but also continue to improve. A careful and long love will find Shanghai after 520, in addition to the keyword ranking changes, there is a change, also is the theme I want to talk about today: Soso Ask improves in the ranking of a sudden love Shanghai. I love Shanghai just lost the "energy-saving" and "dig treasure net" a few keywords search, the results are as follows:

4. in answer to a question, the more the number of the answer is in favor of the row in front, for the questions of others you can use a few small you to answer, answer in the soso number ten in order to get rankings, so remember to answer a few answers.


3. to your soso account to ask the team five can form a team, the team members to answer the question the benefit is that you will give your account to accumulate experience, enhance the speed upgrade. Have your answer is professional team, your recommendation is more likely to be recognized and accepted, make your website promotion more awesome.

2. do the long tail keywords must not use the same IP answer, Soso Ask very strict on this aspect, as long as you do the two accounts also banned, so you can switch IP or let your friends ask you to answer. Finally, let him put your answer is adopted as the best answer. Contain the keywords to do in question and supplement in question, answer in the answer also add a keyword using such a ranking.

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