Love Shanghai snapshot analysis how to layout the keywords




keyword layout, keyword ranking effect is very important for the position. Keywords exactly how to grasp it? Examples fully observe the love Shanghai snapshot, analysis of the value of accurate data is not difficult to find the key words in the title tag position to grasp the show and describe, at the same time, should pay attention to the complete matching and resolution matching, fully displayed. Because users usually browse from left to right, important keywords should position in title. Not only that, in a separate page should be more reasonable layout in the page keywords, keywords should grasp in H1, bold and anchor text >

3, through love Shanghai snapshot analysis keywords location

The most important is to grasp the key position in the The reasonable layout of the

1, love Shanghai snapshot analysis key word

key word refers to the keyword occurrences of a page, from a certain side reaction of the correlation between the page and keyword. Keywords frequency grasp of course is more reasonable, of course, the premise is to understand the whole structure of "how to layout, how to page content richness, and key word and keyword density dependent, need to use. Through the love of Shanghai snapshot, we are able to more clearly grasp their own web site keywords frequency, but also can grasp the trend of competitors and industry, through each stage of view to the advantages and disadvantages of effective keywords snapshot analysis of the.


2, love Shanghai snapshot analysis keyword density

keyword is very important, page keyword layout good will promote and enhance the overall site keywords ranking, and then gradually improve site traffic, provide the basis for the effective conversion rate. In the rational distribution of keywords needs to grasp the 3 key word, keyword density and page position, but if you want to be more accurate, more reasonable and more perfect layout keywords, to love from Shanghai through Shanghai snapshot of love snapshot storage data can analyze keywords layout is good.

keyword density and keywords word frequency is similar to the essence of this on. It refers to the total length of the page text keywords character and total length ratio formula: keyword density = key string length * keyword frequency / the total length of the page text. Keywords density recommended value: 2% = density is less than 8%, but personally think that as long as the keyword layout is reasonable and appropriate, these have not become shackles. Need to grasp the key phrase resolution by viewing the love Shanghai snapshot keyword density, understand keywords color change, which is the focus of this yellow color, let us understand more clearly the word keywords, keywords layout can be more reasonable.

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