On 2012 Shanghai dragon where

continued to rise in Japan and South Korea, and through the use of intelligent mobile phone will lead to the increase of mobile search engine optimization key. The intelligent mobile phone in Japan, the audience of about 140 thousand people (11% of the population). This figure is slightly higher in South Korea for 200 thousand users (40% of the population). The mobile application market is soaring in Japan and South Korea, released in Japan in 2011, to see more of the perfect mobile products and new products, intelligent mobile phone download application continuously, the mobile market share is growing.


is the main trend in the Shanghai dragon will pay more attention to the optimization of local search. In the United States this year, about 40% of the query "


how to influence the development of Shanghai Dragon

search engine optimization has grown up. This year saw the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon gradually mature, influential factors: the structure of the website, the link (internal and external) are placed in the key. Some factors affecting the improvement of search engine and the evolution of the gradually perfect, including social forum provides a better and more relevant to the user experience.

Change of

all of these social development will continue in 2012 and may be moving faster development. But more importantly, the social network will start a successful Shanghai dragon.

I believe that in 2012 the Shanghai dragon will focus on three core trends and development:

to five of Japan’s largest social media as an example, according to comScore statistics, this year has been used in an astonishing 30% growth in these platforms, while in South Korea, it increased 10%. Facebook in Japan only increase since January 150%. Chiebukuro (YAHOO Yahoo! JAPAN Q version), has the world’s highest reaches all market – reached 40% in Japan in YAHOO. In South Korea, Naver KnowledgeIn network is the second most popular web portal. Google in South Korea (29%), but not to dominate, occupy 58% market share in Japan and growing. Therefore, the introduction of the "noble baby +" on the market impact of course.

1, the social influence of search engine optimization.

3., the growth of the people and the local search search behavior.

website has good social signals, the engine will be more and more favor, because they pay more attention to the social impact of high correlation. In Japan, we begin to see the Facebook page in the Google ranking competition conditions. In Korea, we see the cafe (Naver blog platform), there are more comments. These comments and love interaction often become the preferred Naver home page.

2 Mobile, how to influence the development of the Shanghai dragon.

shift to the local search behavior

social influence of search engine optimization

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