For you to decrypt behind the user willing to share the law

5. is the value of the story. We all love stories of the content of the story, the better and more can stimulate people’s interest, the probability of being shared is also higher. So, some articles are popular not only because it has a provocative title, but the content itself is high quality. If the blind pursuit of the title of the party, no substantive content, so the reader in reading to read half certainly do not go. If I keep this article in 贵族宝贝fankeyu贵族宝贝/ site ticket sales system I, then no one is willing to look at my website, more.

created the first is to have people to read, and then to the pursuit of articles can be a lot of share. If the site optimization do soft Wen promotion, to share the more attention, my article is, share out there, this is a great help to the company’s brand promotion. "The Wall Street journal" on the design of such a forum, make a list of what is written on the most read articles, which is the largest share of articles. So, what kind of articles will make people more willing to share out? Decryption behind the user is willing to share the rules here for you.

1, active and exciting articles. The theme of the positive, let the reader feel excited after reading. To arouse readers’ emotional reaction to the absolute ratio readers have no impact the popular mood. Let the people happy and sad in this article is easy to be read, but can bring happiness to the mood more easily than bring sadness to share articles. As we update the article in the ticket sales system on the site of the first prize lottery lottery when the article than articles to be shared more easily.

2. allows users very angry and panic in the. Although readers positive content is more popular, but if the user emotion aroused intense enough, such as anger and panic, they are sharing the probability is very high. If someone in the lottery has any evil, the family was killed like this. We still remember some time ago in a local family dozens of people were murdered at night, the news was spread very wide.

3. allows the reader to feel not only clever and well-informed, knowledgeable. Readers share some content, often want to express the content I can understand, or want to enhance their friends in the middle "informed" image. For users to share the content is to improve their social circles in the image of the way. If the site ticket sales system I can have this kind of articles in the update, it is not difficult for the site to bring traffic, enhance the site’s brand more be nothing difficult.


4. practical and easy to remember the content. This is the reason why "the list" of the nature of the content of popular. Because they are simple, practical and easy to remember. The user in the sharing of practical nature of the content, will feel that you are in the help of friends around. And easy to remember will be out as a conversation.

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