Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tool to upgrade make a point into a bright spot so simple

love Shanghai search will return the most appropriate results according to the user’s terminal, PC search results show the priority PC terminal, mobile search on the mobile terminal will give priority to show results, suggestions if you need to check a webmaster domain name is an index of the amount of URL in the sea level, please search in the corresponding domain name, the effect of the most accurate data.


recently, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tools upgrade, upgrade after the 90% of the owners in the use of the index data query tool will be more accurate at the same time, the syntax of the site data will Webmaster Platform index and the amount of data to achieve consistent.

with index database, select the site that can appear all the site index, see all index data.


with the PC index database and mobile index database merge, index of new tools no longer distinguish between "search" and "mobile search" index at each site, the webmaster can be selected according to the site to see the corresponding index. Thus the page in the PC and the mobile terminal is included double double counting of. In addition, the data source coverage of a comprehensive upgrade, all of which makes the index more accurate data.

query method more convenient

index tool after the upgrade, the original mobile search index chart of the adaptation data are migrated to adaptation tools on display, this arrangement is more reasonable, if you want to query the data adapter directly through the mobile adaptation tool view. (the so-called adaptation index data is also have a mobile site and PC site, both of them establish good adaptation relationship, successful adaptation and the number of page is love Shanghai index)

for example, if you need to index site query mobile site, then choose M site after that is all in love with the sea volume index.

For example:

Special tips:

in the past has always been the webmaster of doubt, why site grammar and Webmaster Platform indexing tools are not consistent, we will explain a lot. Since then, the syntax of the site data will be unified with the Webmaster Platform index data, as well as one of the highlights is the webmaster can not only use site syntax in PC search, mobile search can also be used.



index data unification grammar


index data more accurate

query m.58贵族宝贝 mobile station index, should be site:m.58.c> in m.baidu贵族宝贝

site and

for example, if you need to index site query a PC site, then select the PC site after the show is all love the sea volume index.

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