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Ma Yun: data and intelligence change the world, and we want to change ourselves,


, last year and this year, the media were reporting Alfa

and Robin Li said, Chinese in artificial intelligence, regardless of the market, talent or paper etc., are very advantageous, "in such a market, you in artificial intelligence really is like a duck. We do not lead the world, it is justified".

well, we certainly not to see how big the up but to learn, in their speech dry cargo. Below, about Ma Yun and Robin Li in the speech specific talk about what main view, black wisdom comprehensive finishing as follows: have abridged

in Guiyang Expo taking each other, Ma and Robin Li again meet, or speak in data and the problem of intelligence. At the 2017 world Intelligence Conference opened in June 29th, they stage speeches and debate again.

then came on stage, Ma Yun once again choked back, "we have to set the standard in the future, rather than competitors to set standards, not to the United States with this thing, so we must have.". Spend more time on your customers, and in the future, it’s more important to spend more time on your competitors."


AlphaGo’s victory over humans is pointless,

of course, Ma is more concerned about the future of innovation and enterprise development issues. "The age of data is just beginning," he said. "In the next step, China," I don’t believe in overtaking corners. I think we should change lanes and overtake. What we need to do is to fill the gap in the future and set a standard for the future, not to fill in other people’s gaps. For example, the research gaps in the United states." In Ma seems, between China and the United States together, it makes sense.


and before said AlphaGo won chess "so what", Ma said again, "AlphaGo victory" without any meaning". "In the era of intelligent machines, should be allowed to do things that can not be done, rather than let the machine do humans can do, should not be entangled in the people to play with the machine, machine and machine should be to have meaningful progress than."

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Robin Li said in his speech, he found in Guizhou, Ma also came to the scene, a lot of pressure. Fortunately, this time Robin Li stepped on the stage earlier than Jack ma. He believes that the way of thinking in the era of artificial intelligence and the Internet era has been completely different, mobile phones will exist for a long time, but the opportunity to leave the mobile Internet has been little. At the same time, Robin Li summed up the developer’s way of thinking in the era of artificial intelligence needs to achieve five changes: from "think mobile" to "think AI", from the attention of software to focus on the chip and other hardware changes.

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