How many points does Taobao need to optimize in order to improve the conversion rateMa Huateng himse

18 years ago, 1998 >

in November 11th, he sent 1 billion 500 million red envelopes to employees including employees who left the office, and in addition to 300 shares to each employee,

Ma Huateng: at that time I volunteered. In fact, I liked astronomy. I wanted to read astrophysics or astronomy at the time. It was my hobby in high school. But later I realized that the final result of astronomy seemed to be geography teacher. That’s quite different from what I expected. Because I like astronomy very much, but I don’t like geography. It’s different from what I expected.

"same double 11, how big is the gap,


we all know Chinese this abjectively alone habits, such as a shop door now queues in the consumer, so some staff will also follow the trend to ride, here we are more familiar with a sales model, is the official website of millet mobile phone appointment machine. Now the mobile phone is a lot of inventory, why millet mobile phone also need to wait for an appointment? Is a very important point is the need to move some speculation in the background, hands and feet, let customers think this product is now very popular, made a late not to buy the phenomenon, so in the end it was successful.

do you still lack operating market / product / development / Executive dogs?

static Ye quickly by the circle of friends that Tencent employees, former employees annoyed! The circle of friends by their various "fancy" red sun scraper……

visually, some cat workers cry:


The optimization of

we are working overtime, eating, living in the company, tired of becoming a dog! "

customer evaluation words

18 years ago, the 27 year old single dog pony registered a company on singles day. Now, the company has a market capitalisation of 2 trillion, beating Ali and becoming Asia’s largest Internet Co.

, a love and hate penguin,

not only that, for Tencent employees and former employees, contractors and service personnel for a total of about 30 million yuan in cash envelopes, single envelopes in the amount ranging between 188-1888 yuan, but it is said that some people grab a big red 9888 yuan.

November 11th this year, not just singles day, nor is it just let people chop hands constantly double 11 carnival, it is still 18 years old Tencent




"they’re getting red packets."……"

is a product sales model, we need to look at is not here? Although we have no money to advertise the millet, but we do have this ability, here we can compare close attention to modify some clients in their website, for example, this product has no change what in the period of sales, how many sales, optimization of the last few days of the sales of the product and so on.

is busy with your money while Ali is busy. Tencent is busy issuing red envelopes to employees……

grandiose sales model

, a successful salesman is in the sales process is unusual, here is mainly eloquence, so before the clerk recruitment, the interviewer will require candidates with the personnel exchanges, and after will also carry out some related training, it is possible to promote in the future increase in turnover the opportunity. Here we are the same, although after the promotion, there will be traffic conversion, but if only a rough product, it is estimated that not many people will buy.

Optimization of

if our Taobao guest website there is a more objective source of traffic, this time we are not need to do some evaluation system? Just now, the electricity supplier website, many customers in the shopping are >

is not to get a red envelope? What’s the big deal? Brother also received a red envelope, although only 0.52 yuan, but you see brother drying?


pages need to do a lot of work, here to talk about what you know, if you want to do better, can be a lot of reference to the website, they are the most orthodox, optimization of the page, here can give you a suggestion that is true in between the appropriate do some optimization. After the customer enters the web page and sees that the product is gone, then it proves that your page is not attractive at all. If you can hold the customer’s mind firmly, you will be able to increase your chances in the sales process.

off site or other types of business website, there are some traffic in the station lost, this is we don’t want to see the situation, and research in many aspects, or found their own website, so here to correct a. As far as the small sentry is concerned, the average loss of traffic is around 10%. If we do some rescue here, we may increase the conversion rate.

Whether it is Taobao

for this "arrogant" staff, the static God just want to ask:


to thank the employees past efforts, share 18 years of growth, Ma Huateng prepared a special "Thanksgiving package" for employees to be granted each 300 shares of Tencent shares to the employees, the company was founded in 18th anniversary as a special commemorative. The total value of the shares is expected to be approximately HK $1 billion 700 million about 1 billion 500 million yuan.

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