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2: frequent network hype, has a certain amount of capital in the navy in this circle; occasionally there will be individual customers to come, let me do it for them when a network hype, promised, I believe I can, then find the soft soft Wen writers, about 800 words 80 yuan. After the soft text, to the customer to see, after passing on the BBS post, reply. Also for the post brush flow. Such direct customers really make me feel that making money is so easy. Just a direct customer made me earn 3000 yuan, the task cycle is a month. As the client’s list is good, he introduced his friend to me. In short, the volume of business has increased dramatically through this kind of communication. I rarely take the Internet company’s list, too. After all, their list has become second-hand for me and earns less.

time flies, I’m three years old. From time to time will chat with some friends to Wangzhuan these things every day, think of those who make more money; go which aspects of development; a network client of the company issued a press release to let me send them, Hot Blog. When I asked, I was so surprised that I was able to send a press release hundreds of times, especially a portal. I tried to find one for the Internet company

Li Kaifu recovered after the first return speech:, the smartest people in the business

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Innovation workshop staff said, "Teacher Li two recent examination results, lymph tumor has not obvious, Good luck!" thus Li Kaifu is currently in a stable condition that.

himself has been involved in Internet marketing for about 3 years. All kinds of Internet marketing tools have been done. Here’s my way to success.

, a chance to become a member of a large navy, every day a large number of registered forum account, post replies, because it is the reason for the course, only do these tasks at night ". But it’s not bad. You can earn 30 bucks for 3 hours. That’s enough for the day’s cost of living. 3 months later, the above account resources have been more abundant; and the above network resources have also accumulated some. Take the initiative to pick up the list. I asked a lot of them and asked them where they received the order, and no one liked to tell me. I am willing to search the Internet promotion company, the Internet Marketing Company in sh419, and then call these companies, contact them and introduce themselves as the task managers of their company. Heaven helps those who help themselves., the network marketing company in Shanghai agreed to cooperate with me. After they have a list of forum speculation took to me to, I’ll send to the navy to do. Sometimes I can make 100 bucks a day, when I thought, 5 dollars per person for me, 20 for 100 dollars. Although a further understanding of network products, as well as the needs of my customers, has accumulated a series of network resources such as blogs, micro-blog, groups, voting, brush traffic and so on. The volume of business grew every day, I remember at that time because of the occasional big business, I went to the "eight quit" Witkey network, looking for the task of personnel. At that time, as to the network hype’s, may be relatively large, the income. The task was carried out like a duck to water, and I entered the sophomore year.

it is understood that in September 2013, Li Kaifu revealed that he was suffering from lymphatic tumors through micro-blog, and since then, Li Kaifu received chemotherapy in Taiwan, check out more than 20 tumors throughout the body. During his stay in Taiwan, Li Kaifu has been communicating with creative workshop staff through videoconferencing to deal with the company. Innovation works spokesman Wang Zhaohui used to go to Taiwan to visit Li Kaifu, and to remind your health, do not work. Aruhan

Li Kaifu said in his speech, he will pay more attention to good health, but also more with the family. Li Kaifu also said that the smartest people in Taiwan are doctors; Singapore’s brightest people are government workers; the continent’s brightest people, some bureaucrats and some entrepreneurs.

TechWeb reported on February 13th news, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu appeared today in Beijing tophere Innovation workshop office, and made a speech on site staff. It is reported that this is the first time after 17 months of illness Li Kaifu regression.

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