The reason why do Wangzhuan not earn moneyThat’s what makes sharing a profit from impossible to poss


, for example.

this model is a typical unilateral supply and demand transactions, does not belong to the Internet platform model

know a little network of people hope to be able to through the network business, some open shop, some website, there is the addition of various Navy, in short network has now become a trend, but why so many opportunities to make money on the Internet, but many people do not earn money? Let I give you analyze the reasons for

said first: "I think sharing bikes can be profitable, but I’ll analyze the models that aren’t likely to be profitable, and then analyze the patterns that might be profitable.

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: you are not all day walking the path of others to make money, this method seems to be Wangzhuan shortcut, but most people by imitation of the way to make money, often can only eat others so often seem to odds and ends of a meal, it is not the right thing to do right, to make their own ideas to be able to get the same effect, Mr. Lu Xun once said, if you do not do the first eat crab people, then you do the first eat cooked crab people can always be right, others eat stir, we can eat to make soup, and others do not like the idea, but the essence of this Wangzhuan

as a product manager, either the user data product manager, product manager, product manager or business, our concern is not only the user value, better use of data analysis tools, or advertising platform strategy should also try to do care about the value of products in the whole company system, we need not only is the method of product design, the product also needs some thinking methodology.

according to statistics, 18 shared bike players have completed more than 3 billion yuan of financing, but it seems that such a high operating cost of sharing bicycles, really profitable,

two in a recent article wrote, I have talked about the same topic: as a product manager, must try to learn the business model analysis, otherwise it is easy to become a simple product designer. Over time, it’s easy for product managers to get into the "myopic model of thinking that I’m concerned with what I do, and KPI is up to none.".

four common patterns that make sharing bike profits impossible

sharing bikes really profitable,

for example shlf1314 Adsense out early, make money blogging already when I was out, but now there are people who are engaged in the delivery of nano disk is basically imitating, such as like as two peas, has no meaning, the key words to you one day 50 IP, you can not solve how much of the problem of the conversion, you have no way to go beyond the previous, but now shlf1314 alliance also constantly innovative ideas, such as dynamic call, there are now more advanced versions are also available, and you will always follow behind others ass run, you might even catch the shadow are not, for instance the author of a successful example, that is change the traditional delivery method, a union code on the player.

two: it is not every day thinking about Wangzhuan continuous increase income, earn ten yuan today, tomorrow to earn one hundred yuan, the day after tomorrow can earn thousands of yuan, if this is the case that you would have thought Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the first serious problem, is not an easy thing, it takes time to accumulate Robin Li, Ma is not between overnight become a billionaire, but also through hard work before they get in return, if you have the talent and ability of their elite high, you imagine overnight become the elite that can only be said to be dreaming! So if you want to do Wangzhuan must practice yourself the internal strength, and constantly improve their ability, and then continue to seize the opportunity may be transient

, unilateral trading model,

such as Mobell bicycle, a car if the cost is 1500 yuan, the natural depreciation period of 4 years, then the annual depreciation cost is less than 400 yuan, about 1 yuan a day. If the cost of running, maintenance, damage, theft and so on, the operating cost of a car can be about 2-3 yuan per day. If the cost of each ride is $1, then if you are riding 3 times a day, you can tie costs, and you can earn more than 3 times.

three: now some expert often put this sentence in front of the mouth, feel is quite good, such as have been imitated, never surpassed, if you put this sentence as you do Wangzhuan the guiding ideology, it is a pity that you don’t become a qualified Wangzhuan workers, because you have superior, the more reluctant to go beyond the others, actually he is very easy to be beyond the others, and feel good, you say that this can bring a good effect to make money

‘s shared bike running on the road today is a one-way trading model:

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, by summing up all possible profit models for sharing bikes, we believe that four of these models make it impossible to share bike profits.

bike sharing has become a key topic in the past year around but, regardless of the various modes of analysis and speculation, are often based on the client end, investors to think, during many gossip everywhere, very few people to seriously discuss the business model behind. After founder Hu Weiwei Mobell bicycle said in a speech, if you do fail, can do a public service. This speech is to let the sharing of bicycle profits become confusing.

users sweep yards unlock, automatic fare deduction after the end of the ride. The profit margin of this model can be measured more accurately, and the ceiling is relatively low.

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