Summarize the experience of Taobao customersshlf1314 explain the use of Adsense channel

5, as long as you are willing to pay hard, believe you will become a thousand.

channel classification:

1, how to Taobao station and Taobao products to promote the selection of?. Taobao had just started off my friends may go to sh419 search as many about how to make Taobao off screen tutorial, you will find that there is no learning after they say what is the monthly income of over a million, but in fact they are through the network tutorial own products in the promotion, a lot of people a lot of words the time, but the income is scanty, so we need to have their own ideas when doing the Taobao customer, can not go along with others, in the promotion of the time usually only according to the current situation under the most customers what you need on what their promotion, ideas to build their own web page to select the appropriate program to do only. So you can have a good income effect.

many friends who have just added Adsense do not know enough about the channels. In forums, group group number 63320707, people often ask questions about channels.

channels are divided into URL channels and custom channels. These two channels need to be set up in the "channel" management. When generating code, only custom channels need to be added to the code, and URL channels do not need to be added to the code, and URL channels can be automatically counted.


are shown in the following figure. In general, for example, your website is, then fill in the, and if the URL is, fill in the not in front of WWW.

if you have more than one location on your site, you can add custom channels and name the channels in the places advertised.

what is the channel? The channel can be understood like this:

was the first to say a digression, I mainly use the shlf1314 browser, but Admin5 published an article, the article content area no editor, can only enter the text, all can only switch to IE. I hope Admin5 technicians can solve this problem.

When you view the report by


2, when doing Taobao guest website, want seasonable optimization. In fact, Taobao and other US guest website optimization Website optimization method is the same, as long as you promptly update your Taobao product optimization keywords and publish relevant articles, insist on doing connection, this work is a long-term, and will always do so, the only way you Taobao site will concern you income will increase.

generates code, select channels. Only add custom channels, URL channels do not need to add code.

if you have multiple websites, and each site has multiple locations to launch Adsense ads, how do you see the effects of ads under different domain names and different locations?


click "Adsense settings" – "channel", add custom channels and URL channels under the "Adsense content advertising" label.


, click the "best channel" to see ">"

4, Taobao is not like other guest of the industry, the industry is the most important summarizing experience, to seek to promote the new method, and then continue to adhere to, adhere to you can not repeat it in someone else’s failure, you should learn to sum up, this kind of innovation or from you will have Everfount orders.

3, how to do the promotion of Taobao customers, the basic methods are: publicity, promotion, community forum SNS news website text, micro-blog promotion, the website each has its own advantages, you can’t drill, to know how to work, how to know the different website publicity is more suitable for. For example, such as forum propaganda, forum is actually written more, if you’re in there with a lot of pictures to propaganda you can get good results, such as news website publicity, news website is the real prescription, if you take some ads on the inside, can let a person look so bored. You must pay attention to these details, in fact, the most important point of these methods is that you must have patience and perseverance, stick to it, so that we can do a good job.

if you have multiple websites, it is recommended to add URL channels and add all domain names to URL channels.

channel is a label for different domain names and different locations. If you set up channels, you can view the data of different advertisements according to the channel when you view the report.

The rules for adding domain names under



channel settings:


I affected Taobao off though not a very long time, there is no network as those master screen said that the monthly income of over 10000, but I still want some experience for those who just started soon after the summary, share some people come my friends in Taobao customer experience, hope to be able to help, in fact I have a lot of experience is a summary of predecessors effort, is in front of them we have according to the charge into the enemy ranks, and I am going to give you a little bit about:

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