Combine the entity let your stationmaster’s road go more prosperous

has not come here for a long time to share your website operation experience and website optimization experience, mainly from the beginning of this year to now, has been doing network marketing and entity sales combination work. A year down is rewarding, some products make their own business selling quite well, one of my friends also started their local tiegun sales network in my leadership. This year’s income as a whole is still quite good, the following simple to share their own experience in this regard, so that those who earn less webmaster friends of the road to go more prosperous……

my own business is not here to mention, I am still relatively low-key, do not blame me ah. But I will definitely experience and to share good, let those who often ask my friends from this article to get something useful, but also to those who intend to do webmaster friends a little experience can better go. Here is my friend said that he Tiegun Information Internet cafes, this station was established for a week, at present, Baidu and other search engines are still concerned with this station, so we can not search, starting point.

I began to contact Wangzhuan from 06 years and start learning SEO, there are a few years. In the past few years they have also done a lot of traffic station, especially make a lot of online advertising revenues in 06, 07 years, but the recent economic downturn and the appreciation of the renminbi, online advertising revenue is as one day. So early this year, through friends introduced some of the friends of the entity sales, they free of their products and information to me, I sell these products. At the beginning of what things are not, only know the promotion on the network, many users to consult my product, but I have to answer is not professional, after all the products I sell are quite large products, if a block two is also no one will ask so detail. So I had to work with my friends, he was in charge of sales, I was responsible for promotion, and at the same time he was selling, I continued to learn, and slowly, I was quite familiar with these products. At the same time in the communication with the customer in my month is getting cheerful people say (Adsense is stiff, but I’m a love that kept off the reel, maybe this year to do business entities exercise it, therefore recommended that the webmaster, have time or communicate with friends, poly poly). The first half of the year did not buy much, but money faster than I had earlier basic advertising revenue, in the second half of the first half based on sales of our products and constantly improve the income, far more than my previous income every day dozens of knives. My friend was follow me to learn SEO, learn Wangzhuan, see the network marketing entity so make money, he will talk to me at the beginning of this month to do their local tiegun sales. I said yes, say, do, do, this is the person to do things. But it is not enough to say "do", and have detailed plan. This way, I don’t know how to do it, but it’s also a friend who makes some websites. Why does a station do two?

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