Film and television animation station flow deduct a percentage plan

today mainly in the film and television, animation category keywords as an example, this kind of word is relatively good predictable. Some friends may find it difficult to predict other types of words. Just a lot of truth is interlinked, perhaps because this inspired you, so as to predict more different categories, different sectors of the popular keywords in advance.

1. The latest movie

The principle of "

" is basically the same as that of popular TV series, but there are some subtle differences. TV search for many people, often not to see the actors inside the multi cattle B, mainly to see which TV station premiere. For example, such as " hero " this is 3 years ago, a popular drama, but suddenly in the last year, and there are a lot of people search. TOP10 appeared on Baidu TV list. The reason is mango platform was hit. So even if it is an old TV series, as long as the choice of good television, there will be a lot of people to pay attention to.

movies are different. How many people will pay attention to a movie?. Mainly to see which director shot, how powerful the actor, or how much publicity in the early stage. The film also releases an approximate date of release, and the number of people who search the film is the highest before and after the show. And a lot of people just see the trailer, but I don’t know whether it’s on or not, so a lot of people do blind searches. In particular, some Hollywood blockbusters were first screened in the United States and then arrived in china. There may be piracy on the Internet, so many people will search on the Internet before they are officially shown in China, so that they can see it in advance.

once I had 2 popular movies, the first time is accidental, a member has released a " 3; Harry Potter " download; post, when Harry Potter in the 3 China has not shown, but many people began to search, because I released earlier in the search engine ranking very good, so get a lot of traffic. Later, Kaige Chen’s large " Wuji " before the release, I also specifically to optimize the next " non-polar download " this word, the effect is very obvious. However, after a large number of official showings, many portal sites will follow up to do relevant content, keyword ranking is difficult to compete with these sites.

2. Drama or anime

has done animation website friends may know, and now the most popular anime, basically are serialized. That means an episode every week. Such as Naruto, One Piece, death and so on. One of my stations has proved that it’s easy to get a few thousand IP a day if you get a key word. For example, " One Piece " in the country every week regular watch, One Piece fans may be 1 million people. And One Piece is a regular week, 7 will be an episode. For example, last week’s 7 was " One Piece 398&quo>

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