‘ve done station experience and some experience for four months

Hello everyone, I am a new webmaster, contact the website for four months, I put my four months of experience and summed up the experience to share with you.

initially did the forum using PW, and later switched to discuz, because the editor of PW was uncomfortable (it should be my space problem). After the initial forum is very good feel for a period of time, will do when I go to, also don’t know what CMS is, I ~. ~


first contact is PW inside the VC (because they do have such a thing when inadvertently found the forum), using the VC program finally made his first station, template is chinahtml, which was a VC template this template, the next down ourselves with. To be honest I would have some basic HTML language, it took two days to get it right, but also lays the groundwork for imitation template, div+css at least know what it is now, VC there are also my imitation of the two sets of templates, a new Chinaz, another is fzl8 that is cool version. So after a period of time, the website will soon be Baidu included page more than 1000, followed by HTML and zhibo8 almost made a NBA broadcast station [I love to play, the Rockets Post Bar frequented this station, know from there, update too tired, don’t do it, I suddenly want to add a blog in the station for a day, on the next two blog program [pjblog and the z-blog], I put the pack, accidentally put the entire station to be deleted, I cry, no backup, update data and hard template so no –|

originally used VC is that the background operation is very simple, but found functional and template is convenient, it is too bad. I began to look for new procedures used during PowerEasy, PHP168, and Dede, a new empire cloud, behind to hear people say Dede good, I was determined by Dede, which is the template very much, should CMS up to now, although many, but can not suitable for their own station template change again, once again set the template changing at the same time, let me slowly understand Dede tags and div+css layout of some of the basic things, think back to find their own station to imitate, imitate the station now ten, which has several basic quality and is done, with the help of his material. Young I don’t understand when the template, QQ and email at the Dede forum, the many people every day with my QQ and email, ask me the question template, also called me when I have the generic template one by one to answer, but also to help them imitation and in accordance with the requirements of their imitation, very tired, no energy to do his own station. I’m not QQ now, ha ha ~ after all, I also want to eat, do not work hard to stand, will starve to death of me. I’m doing a special station now, AD: passerby QQ space >

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