Analysis and Countermeasures of Baidu snapshot six reasons

Baidu snapshot is Baidu snapshot back before the date go, at least a few days ago, even a few months ago or a few years ago, I believe we have encountered the following small, according to my experience of snapshot has the following six reasons:

1, website revision or change the title of the website, keyword and other information, especially the home page. A small business website, has been included and rankings are also good, but the user experience is not good: no home site navigation, no navigation (website design was small did not think so much!) second days after the reform, small as first view the SEO comprehensive information back to the snapshot ten days ago, included the day before fall, ranking have different degrees of decline. In addition to the website, make adjustments to the site title, keywords and other information can also cause the snapshot. Just like friends around us, accidentally changing shapes, we definitely wouldn’t recognize them immediately,


two, is there any cheating?. Don’t try to be smart. Don’t try to cut corners. There’s no shortcut to optimizing your job.

three, the existence of excessive optimization of the suspect, this is often a mistake novice. A large number of keywords appear in the page, and each page has links to many keywords. Baidu algorithm update, which is considered a sign of excessive optimization; less original content, most of the content is from the Internet, is changed, but most of the content is copied, so the search engine will think you this site is a waste site, not what useful information, this is over two over optimized optimization; the performance of the three is not regular update. The first is the content of the website, and the content of the website is out of order. It’s OK today. I’ll finish the next few days, and I’ll be able to sit back and relax in the next few days. This is also suspected cheating behavior. Second, performance on Links, Links added also to have the law, if you have a lot of Links hands, it was not a day every day to add a lot of increase, two is good, until added to about twenty. If your friend chain reaches twenty, then change the link for one or two times a day with low quality links.

four, is there a link implicated?. Check whether there is a penalized site you Links, timely removal of these links, at the same time, usually to observe the Links situation, found the suspected site in punishment, removed with its chain.

five, Baidu database adjustment caused. If your included normal, keywords ranking is normal, big can not manage it. Baidu update will be adjusted as soon as possible. But if included decline, keywords ranking decline, that will attract attention.

six, server instability, and IP sites too much, this is not what we can SEOER around, and here will not be repeated.

through the above investigation, the basic questions can be determined

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