Website profit starts from data mining

this idea very early, because the school is the subject of data mining, now in the network company is also responsible for this one, so the data mining and web making money relationship has a very profound experience. Share it with you today.

What is

data mining?. To put it plainly, it is to study the relationship between the customer and the website. One is to increase the conversion rate of the existing traffic on the website; the second is to tap the higher quality traffic source.

The diagram below

illustrates our process.


took over some of the enterprise website, landing page of the high jump rate amazing, and some reached 90%, this kind of website, even if made the PPC, also won’t have very good income. So, these pages have to be processed and optimized. Improving your user experience is the most direct way. So, how do you change it,


what time do I suggest departure?. The first is related links on your page, users want to know what, just give him what links, even if it is the main content of your page is rubbish, links well, page out rate also will be reduced. Next is your direct content, the user is based on keywords, and if your content is no bright spot, it is impossible to allow users to recognize your website.

again about the jump rate and conversion rate. For ordinary websites, the conversion rate and the jump rate are generally inversely proportional. The conversion rate of PV is proportional to V. The reason is easy to understand. Therefore, the site of the SEO is not just to do the optimization inside and outside the station, the real master is adept at digging out the data from the user’s favorite things to meet their needs. Recently, the company’s approach is based on different user groups to classify, according to browse the site’s total users are divided into different grades and categories, given different login pages. As long as the first time to retain customers, it won more than half. A recent case on a web site. From the data analysis, there are some users are remote mountainous areas, and when they are issued orders, almost all point help to understand the specific processes, as well as consulting customer service, such as many aspects of integrity. This kind of IP jumps directly to the page explaining more about the problem.

in the same way, through data mining, we can also find products with high conversion rate. Home page and other pages recommend these products, you can bring substantial benefits.

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