MT filing system verification code does not show P access can be resolved

owners said, the Ministry of the web site filing management system has been unable to use for many days, because the registration system for the registration site verification code has been unable to display, there is no way to register new users.

this time, the Ministry of records, website systems often occur verification code can not show the situation. And he also found that in the registration of new users to submit the page, the verification code is impossible to brush out. Then he tried to get a new verification code on his new home page, and Session tried to submit the registration. The result was shown in figure


login site, click on the new user registration, found that the verification code does not display:


because the verification code has appeared for many days, resulting in some owners can not successfully register new users, the corresponding site for the record, so many complaints caused by the webmaster. The owners describe this sort of situation seems to invite people to dinner at his home, but the door closed, miles away.

, however, the webmaster found using IP address access to solve the verification code does not show the problem. Http://

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