Shenzhen foreign trade station March Alibaba home advertising

report: Shenzhen stationmaster alliance Huang Dongtian Shenzhen the most potential sites for the period recommended: Shenzhen foreign trade network (

below is by the Shenzhen foreign trade website, Ling first grow dictation, Xiao Huang finishing, if your station is very unique, you can communicate together, oh, Shenzhen Adsense League group: 49510801

Shenzhen foreign trade network very happy today, do Alibaba Shenzhen foreign trade network the whole three months to cooperate with us! I am a personal webmaster Oh, had little contact with the network, just to see a lot of people from the Internet to Amoy gold, he would like to spare time to do a station to try! Shenzhen is the largest city site. But very many, for many industries, but the competition is quite fierce! When a friend suggested that, Shenzhen is the largest city in export, the annual output value of hundreds of billion, tens of thousands of companies engaged in foreign trade industry and a large number of people! If we can make foreign trade to Shenzhen our Shenzhen website to


after a simple analysis, I immediately began to do, the cost of Internet now is very low, no need to be very careful, first, I got my job! The Shenzhen foreign trade network is an idea to do it, one the words of others do, it is not good to do in fact, Shenzhen’s foreign trade! Is looking for a Baidu search, Shenzhen foreign trade we quickly became the first, also ranked in the top two pages in the Baidu search term foreign trade, a lot of foreign friends come in search of information, very active


do I find the right direction of foreign trade in Shenzhen, but started to add a lot of content, this is a hard job, but also to work, only at night to fight! Fortunately, soon to do foreign trade enterprises to come to do the promotion, some well-known B2B began our well-known Pro gaze, for example top B2B website: This is a foreign trade ladder, they do a piece of advertising in our Shenzhen foreign trade network home page, and then put them directly into the site of the BBS link to our website, in revenue for us but also to bring us the flow of


a few days ago has on us Alibaba, Alibaba China suppliers ( and Shenzhen foreign trade cooperation, this is a very big encouragement to my website! Interested may wish to Alibaba Chinese supplier (http://s. here to see, we have the size of 150*65 LOGO, the top domestic B2B platform certainly this station is very important for my


now we are developing the Shenzhen foreign trade network of Shenzhen foreign trade network official information platform, to provide better Shenzhen many employees in foreign trade services! Shenzhen foreign trade network to do steady Shenzhen this city, because a lot of foreign trade export in Southern China area through Shenzhen to the world! Welcome interested friends together with us more exchanges, oh, it is best to close.

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