Who let stall man put a stall

who let "stall man" put a stall analysis, there are three

1, employment difficult,

2, education chaos

3, survival difficult

is the first difficult employment, the job market is a mess, especially to the graduation job peak peak, many enterprises do not love not love more graduates, graduates without work experience, they are not willing to say the time to cultivate graduates, mostly to my work, to to create the maximum benefits for the company in the shortest time. I work experience of graduates which come to you, no chance to practice to practice, to which we experience, if according to this logic continues, not those of us 80 graduates do not have a lifetime experience, it is very absurd, ah, no one to find yourself, only think of the worst on the back, being laughed at the pressure to survive, not to go to stall.

is the second education mess, now I feel the education has the absolute separation of education and society, education is education, society is a society, they ignore anyone who makes at school we had a strange sense of society, we these graduates are silly, a sigh: the original the society is such, feel the social and not at all like the hook, I study the electronic commerce theory, a lot of people go to a company and other graduate candidates only to find their own learning and the fundamental requirements of the people is not the same. Simply not up to the requirements of people, as long as before I knew, "male" this one, I will do, hey, think that it takes a lot of courage ah.

last to talk about the problems of survival now, said the survival difficult, to speak from two aspects, one is the price, a price kept rising, day spending increased significantly, caught a cold to hundreds of pieces, are too expensive, if this go up even if the disease at all can not afford. Two is the industry competition is too intense, the position is little, talented person is much. For example, out of the computer, all know that this is a piece of fat meat to eat all this fat, so the price war has become the industry competition method, a typical example: you have a website to 500, I will be 200, while the "male" is 25, so the industry continue to be some people do bad, cause many computers think of his road of unemployment. And " stall men " but insisted on, and they are carrying on the ridicule and sneer at others, in order to survive, had to rely on a stall to sell themselves, because the line has been occupied by all others.

summed up in the final sentence is difficult employment, education chaos, difficult to survive, forcing " stall male " they put a stall.

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