What is your website’s worth talking about the future living space of your website

‘s website is now out of cattle! Big fluctuations, no small disturbances, everyone is ready! Are you ready? Today I will communicate with you about the future development of the website and the value of the website in the future!


is well known, the meaning of the web site itself is to build a large virtual reality network. At the same time, publicity has brought great convenience to people’s life! One of the country’s network development can assess the country’s standard of living, the popularity of computers is one of the biggest manifestation!

and the computer is a hard carrier, the dissemination and sharing of soft information must depend on our tens of thousands of webmaster, or big or small! It is an important topic that we will show it in front of the public in what form we can accept! The success and failure of today is closely related to your income. Maybe you made a success today. Can you hold it steady tomorrow? Taobao today is the boss of C2C, who can guarantee pat, eBay will be willing to lag behind?! Here are a few simple examples of Web Development:

one, everybody is very popular now in industry website, also be a kind of model that website development is better at present! Such as webmaster nets face webmaster site, today has come out, and we followed a big ticket! You are willing to lag behind, you want to compare with the webmaster network? What should we do to rigid rigidly as like as two peas, we can do as well as stationmaster net? Perhaps in subdivision subdivision would be a good model we are exploring now. Can SEO be a subdivision? Can we just do a SEO? We all have a lot of websites for Baidu search. How many of them are there?

two, portal, portal many exhibitions, of course, can also be industry portal, and the industry portal is a very good choice. Integrated portal, such as 163, Sina, YAHOO, Sohu and so on, such a web site will undoubtedly give everyone a great stimulus. Because this kind of website is often in industry fractionize, above all also do very well. What else can we do today? Do we have to be a portal? Personally, I think so, because I feel that only by meeting the taste of the masses can I win the space to live. I personally think that a website to have very good flow, not simply by doing optimization to attract spiders, but how to keep your customers, a customer is any person browsing your website! Make your website only lasting appeal to them, let them become loyal users of your site the steady flow of

you can!

three, interactive portal, individuals believe that the best domestic, such as Tianya community, campus network, happy network and classmates network. Of course, they can also see the product of the segmentation of an industry, but they must recognize the unique characteristics of their subdivision: interactivity! Many of our webmaster are doing forums, and simply by a few posts, it is difficult to attract people! Must have their own unique features!


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