How to improve the flow of Blog

has been saying that my traffic can not go up, how can you improve traffic?. In fact, we blog, of course, hope that many people come to see, a lot of people to comment, at least for their own text is kind of positive. When your blog is on again. Then traffic is especially important to you.

How does

improve blog traffic?. In fact, Baidu is a lot of people. Original article, do SEO, keyword, exchange links. In fact, you have done these, you still do not flow. Blogs think it’s impossible to have a lot of traffic in the short run, unless you’re a celebrity blogger or you’re unique. Yufeng blog, to help you become a link, then you must fire. We are neither celebrities. The article does not want Han Han to be so sharp. How do we increase traffic?. We can only move another way.

we can contribute, we can vote for Chinaz, Admin5, Cnbeta, Caogen and so on. Some people say. I can’t write technical articles. I don’t know the technique. Well, there are two ways to tell you.

first, you go for originality. The people of the article, change for himself. This approach is not very encouraging. But you really can’t do it. This might be your way out.

two, you can go to Tianya, mop, Sohu, China BBS, and so on some big forums. Send some articles. Maybe someday you’ll be the next Luo Yufeng.

of course, just posting is not enough. Go to some blogs, navigation stations, blogs, websites. I won’t give up if I get a chance.

go to independent blogs. After all, a return visit is important. You can also go to some celebrity blogs to leave messages. If you can make a sofa. And left your address. Then this flow is also not to be ignored.

of course, the most important thing is not what is said above, but to persist, persist and persist. If you want high traffic, want to do SEO. Must adhere to. Not a well-known word in the industry: there is no best SEO, only the most diligent SEO.

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