300 yuan to create 30 thousand 50 million profit see how the strong man practiced

cost: 1 domains, 18 yuan

space: 100 yuan

program: free (online)

business card: 1 boxes, 20 yuan

other incidental expenses: 100 yuan (telephone fee, fare, bank card fee, etc.)

first, select the group purchase building materials industry!!! Because of the big profits, and there is an unspoken rule, is whether the rebate, designer, or carpenter, even what is not, as long as to introduce customers to the building materials business, have a rebate, in general, more than 95% introduction can get kickbacks. As for why, please search the "decoration rebate" and see related articles in Baidu, there are detailed explanations why building materials prefer to keep the profits to the designer, or intermediary, is not willing to put the profits to the customer!!!

well, return to traditional, we do a group purchase network, I do not do is www.365tuangou.com is also commonly? At least in the building materials, building materials sales in shops or vision, because they do not understand, so they think it is very good

, the first step is to do their own group buying network

second step: do business cards, business cards do a good job, do not do 5 yuan a box, do 20 yuan a box of film coated

third step: apply for a QQ, and then add some local building materials sales QQ group, which go to expand some resources. Because a lot of building materials business, their companies have hired staff, responsible for network sales.

well, this is preliminary preparation,

The key to

is as follows:

first, you should take a name card to the local better sales of building materials market, such as the Chongqing area is the "Jian Bo Okawa center" etc..

then you need to select the object, we first chose the "ceramic tile and sanitary ware products, because of the huge consumption of a family, one can tens of thousands, according to the general building materials for the network group purchase rebate for 15% – 25% of the rebate, that is to say, a customer to consume. You can get a rebate of 1500-2500 million, is not particularly high profits?

saw this, I don’t think everyone is how to do network group purchase in teaching, so many social network group purchase, you have time and energy to find so many real consumer spending, and the inside of the link of a ring ring, very well done. So, my profit model comes out, ~~~

at this time, you go to a brick shop, usually 2-3 assistants, 1-2 shopping guides, a store manager, or a person in charge. So, you remember, when you talk to them, you say you’re a group

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