How do you write a successful web campaign

I often hear some good writing scholars doubt, ask why the same thing in everyday life has been sought after, but on the Internet but no one cares. Instead, there are articles that seem to be written in general, but often get very popular responses. I’d like to give a brief account of my experience on this subject.

networks are not the same in everyday reading. A good writer may not be able to write a successful essay.

what is called successful net text? Simply speaking, netizens like to watch. Therefore, to hold the net friend’s preference is the key to write a successful network essay.

1, first of all, Title

takes a headline that gives one a glimpse of the desire to read. It’s the top priority of an article. With the eye-catching title to attract users come with good content to attract users to read. There are many types of violence can be the title, pornography can also play companion to "in short, dull remarks died over". There are a lot of good titles are called "title party", the title of the research on them is perfect. For example, when you see someone carrying a bag with Zhao Wei’s head, the regular title is "someone carries Zhao Wei’s bag", and the title party will take "Zhao Wei was forcibly dragged on the street". This is the art of title.

2 and second are language styles

network is a fast paced, and local information clutter, so most users love depth but reading the article is too easy, not easy to welcome the bitter. If it’s an entertaining article, it’s better to include a few buzzwords in the article. If you are a theoretical article, you can adopt a variety of narrative styles. For example, an article called "Gome" Wong Kwong Yu opened the lid, the author is a money making way about Wong Kwong Yu in economics, if you may read a long and minute statement described fewer people will be, after all the users identity occupation varied, not all understand the economy, so the author provides an economic and a scholar a small boss doesn’t understand economics form of dialogue to be described, it is simple and clear, many users do not understand the economics also can understand, also constantly praised the author write well.

3, to grasp the facts, dynamic

that’s important, too. Now the network information dissemination speed is very quick, the popular spot is also changing unceasingly. Mastering the real-time dynamic, combining the news points and making the popular articles are also the characteristics of a successful network essay.

4, point of view unconventional,

boldly made his own difference. On the Internet, the more special people, the more sought after, do not be afraid of being smashed. After the readers are stabilized, we can change the style and return to the traditional line. Users can easily Xixinyanjiu, from time to time to play tricks.

5, the accumulation of popular words

has popular events and certain popular words are bound to come up. Proficiency in

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