Have you made good use of the web snapshot


search engine has become an important part of our life in the network, while the web snapshot not only allows us to quickly access to search out ", and when we encounter the search out of the web page is already deleted" (as shown in the "HTTP 404" error "), or meet some temporary off site, also can use the snapshot to find the required content. Even for us and have entrance password retrieval unexpected benefits, such as retrieval "magazine +password" in Google, there are often some pages if the direct connection, "404 Not found" error message, then check the Google snapshot (Cache) can often see the "original content even you will find many password.

The principle of

set off your hijab – Web page snapshot

simply, "search engine website snapshot" is included in the web page, will make a backup of the main text to keep the content of this page, most of the text, the backup is existing search engine server cache, when we open the web page snapshot visit, in fact is to search for the visit the cache engine. So when this page has been deleted or the connection failure, the main contents of the user can use the snapshot to view this page, but also because of this snapshot to text content, so the access speed than the access of web pages faster.

tip: how do I use web snapshots?

click on the search results page behind the "snapshot" you can see the contents of the web page snapshot, the update of the website (such as news website), snapshot content can not be up to the update rate, but for other types or has no website, website snapshot is very useful, but "there are snapshot title information shows the filing date and time and this is just to remind the user archive.


– "there must be a useful snapshot of the use of

There are four main uses of

web snapshot:

1. looks at pages that cannot be opened: when you want to access a web page that does not exist or links fail or opens very slowly, you can access the web page by using a snapshot of the page;

2.: find the text information because the snapshot shows faster, so if you want to find some updates not very fast text, such as technical documents, etc., can be directly through the web page to view, will save a lot of time;

3. fast positioning keywords will separate display other colors in the web page snapshot (such as red or yellow, see below), so you can quickly find the snapshot through the web page keywords location;


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