The unifying principle of web hosting strategy and SEO optimization

How can the

website to retain people, this is a very profound knowledge, though we have not heard of this law, the strategy is to enhance user loyalty variety as the core, to stand in the user’s point of view to promote the optimization and reform of the site, these strategies and principles are not to be able to say is not correct, but always think what is missing, it is found that the lack of a unified and still site optimization, has led to some sites seem to be able to retain people, but the situation always does well up. The core is not to retain the people at the same time, the site has also been optimized for search engines.

therefore, in studying the strategy of website retention, we must further integrate into the SEO optimization model of the website, so as to achieve the unity of SEO strategy and website optimization. You can start with the following three strategies.

a, to enhance the depth and width of content

for the website, the content is clearly the core content, only the rich content to be able to attract the attention of the search engines, but also to get users of all ages, from this point on, keep people and SEO optimization is the same. Not both of the judgment between the content validity is not the same, because the user need not care whether the original content sometimes, because as long as the user help on the line, but for search engines, it needs more and more original content, this is the difference between the two places, we can take the method of compromise, the is the width by extending the content, increase the depth of content to promote the unified user and search engine. As for the user, for a description of the problem is more nuanced, nature can allow users to get more help, and so that the content of the original degree has also been protected, and unified user and search engine on demand content.

two, site rich, but to concise

for the function of the website, whether users also hope their search engine is very rich, can provide a variety of search requirements, and architecture model is relatively simple, the user can easily find the corresponding content, and can provide some of the interactive, these are the basic requirements of website function, on the basis of function extended more generally, users are very love, but more often it is easy to cause the website use too cumbersome, but this is a contradiction, whether the site using cumbersome to search engine, do not feel completely out, but for the user experience effect is very big, so in this context, you need to pay attention to the function of website usability, when increasing the function, the need for clear description of it, and set the The corresponding help system, thus enhancing the user’s ability to learn quickly, does not affect the user experience.

three, strengthen brand awareness, enhance user awareness

brand promotion is a very important content for the website. Only in this way can it improve the user’s awareness and trust of the website better. The website is promoting the brand

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