Talk about the development of navigation website Laoniao

this article thought for a long time, this would also like to thank the navigation station Xiaoqiang, because of him, a veteran will be established, hey! Pull away!

navigation site, in fact, is only a product of the times, HAO123, or 256, or, really, how many technology? We all look at it,

!Why does

say the navigation website is an era product?

let’s take a look at HAO123’s Whois


update time: 21-3 -2010

creation time: 15-11 -2000

expiration date: 15-11 months -2019

256 Whois

update time: 29-5 -2008

creation time: 24-9 -1997

expiration date: 23-9 months -2015


is Baidu, Baidu’s Whois hidden, the following is from Baidu introduction.

Baidu, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, the largest Chinese Web site. Founded in January 2000 in Beijing, Zhongguancun.

can be seen in 256 to 3 years older than Baidu Internet in 1994 before entering the Chinese in 1997 256 was established from the domain name registration time, when Laoniao contact computer operating system WIN98 is the most advanced, the old home and a year of the most advanced computer, cy 633 CPU, 64M memory. How much independent graphics forget ~! So we see that the conditions do not allow too many technical things, and then search engines don’t mature ~! I don’t know what is the search engine, so when looking for a lot of what you want is to rely on the navigation website and, vaguely remember our textbooks but also teach us to use the navigation website


why are so many people navigating websites now,


searches for web sites in Baidu, which can reach 76 pages, and Baidu shows a hint: limited to pages, some of the results are not displayed.

let’s take the 76*10 to calculate the keyword has 760 pages, can be summed up the site navigation light this keyword shows there are more than 700 related websites, in fact the actual number is far higher than this figure, why so many? A few reasons to analyze.

1. owners do not know too much of the technology to the Internet, download the source code, get a virtual space and domain name can build the website! (Laoniao is doing, then do a m navigation, navigation program is popular. "

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