Pay for the effect will change the pattern of beauty online recruitment

in recent years, with the development of beauty economy, the recruitment market of beauty industry has become more and more prosperous, and the recruitment of beauty online is on the rise. From 2005 China beauty talent network ( first, the date of the establishment, the domestic focus of the beauty industry job recruitment website gradually, after the 2006 2007 tepid and blossom everywhere, to the beginning of 2008, the national and regional professional beauty industry job recruitment website, and the website recruitment channel beauty the industry has more than 30, the influence of over 10.

from the Baidu search for "beauty talent", we can find the top 20 beauty industry recruitment website, actually 4 website name called "China beauty talent network" 5 industry site recruitment channel. Based on the regional beauty industry recruitment of 6, and the remaining 14 are all facing the country.

1, China beauty talent network

2, beauty salon recruitment network (a Chinese beauty salon network)

3, China beauty salon talent network

4, China’s elite beauty talent network

5, Sino US Association talent network

6, China beauty talent network

7, Fujian beauty talent network

8, Chengdu beauty talent network

9, China beauty online (recruitment channel)

10, Zhejiang beauty talent network

11, China beauty talent network

12, China beauty care talent network

13, beauty salon communication network (recruitment channel)

15, China beauty talent network

16, China beauty talent database

17, Shanghai beauty talent network

18, Dongguan beauty network (recruitment channel)

19, China beauty talent network www.jobmeirong.c>

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