The official website was shot dead on the beach the rapid solution on the beach

many webmaster should have met, the official website was "cottage" things, the official website in the search engine can not get good rankings, ranking has been replaced by a fake website. Other people Shanzhai your website mainly for the following reasons. There are benefits can be seen, because some time ago encountered such a thing, the site does not say, on the CCTV two reports. Copycat your website is mainly because your network SEO technology without each other, the reverse link not fake, fake may direct the use of Baidu bug directly use the old domain copycat sites, this is not a breakthrough. In addition, your site is a profitable model, through the official website to induce users, cheat users, damage the interests of the brand. Direct and indirect losses to the company. Faced with such a thing, many are not technical problems can be solved quickly. SEO relies on long-term accumulation, and next I’ll tell you how to speed down Shanzhai sites from Baidu,

first, have on the website of the independent brand, it is not suitable for personal webmaster, some people will say, just business, not so much money as registered trademarks, so that after the website when the first registered trademark, the name Chinese registered, if no other trademark will not hurt you right, even if the impact on the real you, you have no right to ask them to stop the infringement, so you need a registered trademark, such as the publicity period at the beginning of safeguarding their rights and interests. If you have a brand, that would be much better.

second, the collection of infringement evidence, first of all, this infringement is very complicated, the other side of your infringement all preserved, do evidence, save Baidu snapshots, and screenshots for evidence. The evidence is really infringing your rights. And you have trademark ownership or trademark infringement on the website.

third, the enemy, know yourself. To understand each other’s strength, if the other party is an individual can boldly operation, two happy net war you should also know, finally Kaixin001 victory, Evil can never prevail over good. First, look at the server’s hosting company, the domain name registrar and the DNS resolution server. Domain name registration information and other useful information. If you are abroad, you can not collect it.

fourth: apply for trademark protection. I believe many webmaster have encountered, in Baidu promotion buy competitors keywords. Good music to buy "happy Amoy" keywords, this is a typical case. Baidu doesn’t allow websites to buy other people’s brands. But Baidu is still in the dark for the sake of profit. As long as you don’t look for them, they don’t care. You need to save your search results for evidence and keep Baidu snapshots. Then call Baidu customer service. Say the website brand belongs to you all. Stop advertising. Generally you immediately after complaints disappeared advertising, but Baidu customer service will not recognize the purchase of keywords. Then apply for trademark protection to Baidu. Send your trademark, certificate and website to the relevant department of Baidu, and after they accept it, the website rank >

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