The 15 step is to increase the trust of the website rapidly by 100%

due to personal work, for the company and Taobao shop mall have contact, will be responsible for product sales related work, enhance the degree of Trust found a website or online shop is a very important thing. The so-called website trust, refers to the user in visiting your site, to your site of a trust and recognition, is a psychological effect.

, as an e-commerce class website, especially an unknown class site, if you want to sell goods through the website, you must first provide the credibility of the site. Because, whether traditional shopping or online shopping, reputation has always been a very important point for all consumers, or the most important. Almost all Taobao sellers will accept a proposition that "the better the reputation, the better the product", especially in this era of rapid Internet development, trust is especially important in the virtual world. It can be said that in the virtual world, buyers are most important is your reputation, buyers first trust you, and secondly will buy your goods. Therefore, to provide the confidence of the website, not only can effectively promote the transaction rate of goods, but also help to reduce the site’s jump rate. In a word, improving the trust of your website is a very important part of both the user and the search engine. Therefore, the small nameless through analysis and research, summed up the following details.

1: the user experience is always as the first consideration, so the site access speed must be fast enough, on the one hand, if the user visits your site a few minutes are not open, will close the page, also talk about what understanding of your products. At the same time, spiders also like the speed of the site, site speed also help to provide search engine friendly degree. Noting that the website is not only open to be fast, but also stable, if regularly open, it is very easy to lose the trust of users.

2: Web site design must pay attention to don’t fancy, the user’s first impression is very important, and most users through your site’s home page will access to the internal page and other pages. The color of the web page, it is recommended to use and site LOGO color, and at the same time the best is the main colors of the site should not exceed 3 kinds, more will also appear garish. E-commerce class site, the pursuit of professional atmosphere, the whole station style consistent, rather than a human site, fancy, non mainstream, etc..

3: the bottom of the total station is best to add information about us, contact us, company qualifications, media reports and other related information. For the site of the introduction, as far as possible in detail, the more transparent the better, for the user, the more you can clearly understand the company’s qualification, the establishment time, and even the specific location, the more can improve the user’s confidence. In the company’s qualification can add company related certificates or industry related certification. For media reports, can be media reports of the company directly, but also can be some soft Wen for the company’s reports, etc..

4: Chinese class site, had better put on record, in the current environment of China, ICP record, many Internet users still understand. For some Internet users, there are ICP>

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