Put an end to website operation flaw should understand website to operate seriously short board the

in any industry, there will be a short board, short board and often become a highly technical project, for web site operators, the short board problem is often the performance is more obvious, once a problem is considered not comprehensive, the final result can only be defeated soldiers like because now! Handed down the website operation level of competition is not a few years ago than now, ability of competitor analysis site vulnerability has been very strong, once your website vulnerability is very obvious, so the competitors can easily overtake you! So in order to successfully operate the site, on the way to let you from the short plate theory the site of failure! Here we come to analyze how to eliminate the vulnerability! Let the soft skills of

are introduced to create the chain construction site legend

1: do a good job of self analysis, find the site needs improvement,


site will have a variety of problems, like any game will be like bug, you can always find cheats clearance down, so only do site analysis, can effectively avoid these risks, so how to do well the analysis of your own website? The best way is to check your web site log the log can see your site’s traffic sources, website jump rate and so on, of course you can also use the Internet many webmaster analysis tools and so on, can effectively check out websites need to improve the place! To be the enemy, baizhanbudai


two: website marketing is simple, whether there is no target group

in its analysis, will effectively resolve the content or user experience a variety of problems, but only to solve their own natural optimization is not enough, also need to solve their own network marketing, after all, site operators, network marketing occupies a very large, so how to do network marketing first? Check your marketing means is too single, such as blindly relying on free marketing mode, such as forum, QQ, blog, micro-blog and so on, but not with the help of marketing, media marketing line, there is a website for users of the marketing group is clear positioning, the wide net form, have been very competitive low, has completely lost the competitive ability of


three: website operation and maintenance is safe and stable

is the so-called rangwai security needs, in order to prevent any loopholes in the website operation process, the legendary site safety and stability of nature is the priority among priorities, now a lot of competitors, through to the other implanted Trojan, causing the other site has long been search engine to determine the bad website, website to give each other a deadly blow, so the site safety and stability is very important, this is also in the military battle, weiweijiuzhao is often the key to the success achieved, thus, to attack the opponent, must let yourself in a safe place, so the point Dayuan tactics will not work, one of my sites (http://s.www.zenyangjia> how to lose weight

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