Talk about why your website doesn’t work very much

Internet has been popular, personal websites, business website in recent years such as business or personal bamboo shoots after a spring rain, more and more real web business full of sound and colour enterprises or individuals less and less. Most of the sites like chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. Professional network of small network set up a brief talk about: why your site does not work?.

1, website construction without characteristic

many enterprise construction sites are modeled on peer websites, or listen to professional website company recommendations, there is no core and value of their own enterprise website. Have seen a lot of requirements of the site of the enterprise are sent a colleague of the web site, the professional site of the company said: "my website is to build, like this web site.". Just change the logo, the company profile and so on. The web interface is the same as your peers. Like the current urban architecture, there is no characteristic, unified high-rise buildings, the difference is that the road is more or wider. Everyone is tired of the aesthetic, who will be in a mood to see how your website products?. To second years of renewal, very dissatisfied with the site of the company: my website for nothing, why renew. Then find another site company, and send a colleague of the web site to the station company, and no own website features. So how big is your website?. Not net friend ray die is pretty good.

2, do not pay attention to website promotion and optimization

After the

website, the enterprise is of course the Big Dipper phone every day, paranoia hit burst, always someone to consult the customer service website. However, you do not pay attention to website promotion and optimization, you do not do the chain, you do not have a certain ranking on Baidu, no one knows your website, who will contact you?. Although it is not afraid of deep alley, but everyone has a family of wine, wine fragrance, your home wine alley deep, you hid while weep. Do not do not do website content, website chain, complaining about: why didn’t the website traffic, why not buy my product, I was the site of the company to cheat and so these useful? As the saying goes: the master door, look at the individual practice. The same is the same company, the same is the construction site of the company website, why peers have flow, there are customers, the effect of the website is not you? Go deep wall.

3, online and offline marketing did not do

there are several restaurants all over the site, to a second year renewal notice, so don’t hesitate to Xiao Bian said: we are doing line of business, so we don’t need a website. In fact, it is correct to say that, the restaurant only good service, the line will do, what on the pipeline do?. However, U.S., hungry, Amoy little takeaway food is made full of sound and colour etc.. This can be said that the catering industry is only suitable for offline? Like Ali, Jingdong and other giants, such Internet giants, both under the line, ran to the countryside to get a brush wall. If you think your website has little effect, can you think of your online and offline marketing is not good,


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