Several misunderstandings of B2B industry website operation

through years of website operation experience in B2B industry, and saw a large number of B2B industry website, found many websites have this or that problem, or that the web site operators are more or less into some misunderstanding.

one, the website structure is too big, in the website before the planning process of operation, the site always want to do big and all, want to put all the resources of the industry are integrated into the web site. Perhaps the entire operation team will be a few people, but there are dozens of columns built, so that everyone’s workload can be imagined, the efficiency and effectiveness of the work is self-evident. This I do bump exhibition network deeply understand, the daily workload makes me want to die can not.

two, industry information, many B2B industry sites have done information or news columns, because this is conducive to search engine search, included, every day to update, but also conducive to Baidu snapshot updates. The original intention is good, but because the news sources or to find highlights of many industry itself is not much, this leads to the site adhere to update the contents of a few, so this is not the industry information are listed in the website. Especially some do SEO, according to Baidu Fengyun list do some keywords, like to be reflected in the news information. In the long run, the confusion and unprofessional content of the website can be imagined. Moreover, this leads to traffic on the site itself and what role, after all, is the industry’s B2B site, not the industry’s users, come in to browse the site, the user loyalty is not a good point.

three, personnel section, many B2B industry websites do love industry recruitment platform, of course is a good idea: to make a better allocation of human resources, but also to avoid the mature industry staff to other industries because of loss in the industry recruitment platform as long as the industry work experience are always right wait for them to work. But think carefully, a talent program, if you want to do it with a full-featured talent website without any distinction, and so do industry website intention is different, at least spend a large part of the energy to deal with this column.

four, forums, needless to say, the benefits of the forum, of course, a lot of publicity, the exchange of people in the industry, training, user loyalty, and so on. But now is different from the past, the Internet is flooded with a large number of users of the forum, whether you’re going to have an interest in the industry forum? The maintenance and management of the forum also need a lot of manpower and time, if you don’t have to take the management forum, the Forum will be so full of advertisements, water paste, such it is The loss outweighs the gain. in website operation.

five, advertising sites, the site was flooded with a lot of advertising, advertising is always considered a lot of good, but advertising sales is exactly a big problem.

this is a little superficial for me. Welcome everyone to correct me.

source: website operations and website planning (http://s.www.ljf>

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