A number of major projects during the year ending

April 25th, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, to give full play to the supporting role in key projects of investment, in 2014 the province’s planned 141 key projects, a total investment of 596 billion 300 million yuan, plans to invest 146 billion 100 million yuan this year. Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway line, Xining Railway Station renovation and construction project, Huatugou the health information of civil airport, and a number of major projects through tough construction, will wrap up at the end of the year.

2014 is to ensure the completion of the "12th Five-Year" planning, to promote the construction of the "three zones" key, is also in full swing of the Silk Road Economic Zone construction operations, the implementation of 141 key projects will continue to play a powerful engine, vigorously promote the sustained economic growth, the project covers the main areas of the province’s economic and social the development, both in quantity and scale of investment, are the highest in history, mainly including seven aspects of water conservancy, transportation, energy, urbanization, industrial development, ecological environmental protection and people’s livelihood. Among them, 70 construction projects, a total investment of 394 billion 900 million yuan, in 2014 plans to invest 68 billion 900 million yuan; 71 new projects, a total investment of 201 billion 400 million yuan, in 2014 plans to invest 77 billion 100 million yuan.

In addition to the

project, Xining Airport Expressway renovation, Qinghai Ge Sanghua biological Polytron Technologies Inc "3221" features of the plateau biological resources deep processing, in 2014 the province’s rural road construction, the province’s photovoltaic project, Haidong the Yellow River basin "demonstration base of food basket" project in 2014 and the Eastern city of group of air pollution control and a number of key projects will be to be completed by the end.


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