During the May Day Xining Commission for Discipline nspection ruthless correction four winds

the morning of April 23rd, the Commission further strengthen the supervision and discipline of accountability to correct "four winds" television and telephone conference, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection act quickly, promptly issued "on the strengthening of the" 51 "during the Dragon Boat Festival work discipline and self-discipline work notice" requirement, party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and institutions and cadres to conscientiously implement the provisions of the central eight provinces and relevant measures to prevent the four winds problem rebound.

April 28th, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the implementation of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection teleconference spirit held a meeting on the investigation of the May Day public funds and other issues were arranged. The meeting pointed out that the "51" approach, to correct the four winds, to further consolidate the results of style construction, from April 29th to May 8th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection will be sent 7 thorough investigation group, focused on investigating Gongjusiyong, public funds, spamming allowances, accepting gifts and other acts, strengthen discipline and accountability, efforts to crack the four winds problem new forms and new trends. Meeting the requirements of "51", the unannounced visits to the working group to conduct dragnet unannounced visits according to the region, the respective tasks, ensure that unannounced visits to work not as a mere formality; the working group should be good at discovering and unannounced visits to investigate various regions, departments and units in violation of the provisions of the central eight and the existing work discipline problems; Fangzu work personnel should strictly abide by the discipline of unannounced visits to work and work rules. The unit or individual problems found in the investigations, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions, not only seriously pursue the responsibility of the parties, and seriously investigated the principal leaders of the unit in charge of the leadership responsibility, not only pursue the main responsibility of Party committees, and accountability for Discipline Inspection oversight responsibilities, and vigorously promote the two responsibilities.


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