Urban and rural medical assistance one stop service start

September 11th, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Provincial Charity Hospital of Xining City, the first, second, and third people’s Hospital of Xining city hospital held the urban and rural medical assistance "one-stop" service signing ceremony, the ceremony marking the city’s medical assistance one-stop service work started.

it is understood that the medical assistance "one-stop" services to benefit the city’s urban and rural residents object, the beneficiaries, key special 170 thousand poor people in urban and rural areas, solve the past medical aid for the relief expense settlement procedures are complex, cumbersome problem fundamentally, before the disease after salvage rescue for the disease before and change disease, rescue object only with valid documents to the designated medical institutions, medical institutions to advance the cost of medical treatment can timely hospitalization, discharge settlement only need to pay medical assistance after the individual pays the amount. In the past from the application to receive the subsidy takes about 1 months to shorten the time for discharge immediate settlement, which greatly facilitates the difficulties of the masses, at the same time, referral from non designated hospitals to "one-stop" services to designated hospital patients in referral to apply for subsidies.


urban and rural medical assistance one-stop service, shorten processing time and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the rescue work, improve the construction of medical assistance system in our city, realize the seamless convergence of medical aid and the new rural cooperative medical care and urban medical security. At the same time, I also know that, enjoy the "one-stop" service, if there will be valid documents or false lent to others medical visits and hospitalization, forges or alters the prescription and expense documents and other documents, providing false medical bills, medical records, dosage and information to defraud money and other acts, city, district the Bureau will recover the relevant medical aid expenses, cancellation of urban and rural residents, and five medical aid treatment, urban and rural, and five medical aid application does not accept within two years. (author: Zhang Qian)


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