To make good use of accountability of the cow whip

The afternoon of April 14th, the central discipline construction of government supervision, deputy director Zheng Zhencheng line to the city survey of clean government responsibility to carry out the work. Municipal CPPCC Chairman, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying attended and presided over the forum.

in listening to the work report and discussion, Zheng Zhencheng on the city to carry out the work of clean government accountability and fully affirmed, and to further improve the clean government accountability work put forward three requirements: one to raise awareness. The discipline inspection organs to implement the responsibility of production for the bounden duty, to focus on the central task, transfer functions to the way turn style, use the "bull whip" accountability, strengthen the responsibility of supervision and inspection, and resolutely prevent not be held or held too wide soft, promote two responsibility to implement accountability. Two to grasp the focus of work. In the implementation of clean and honest, this year to highlight the accountability, in violation of the party’s political discipline and political rules, "four winds" problems of the departments and units, the regional system of corruption, the Party leadership core role in weakening of the central inspection teams feedback and transfer problems rectification the investigation and the occurrence of the masses around the problem of corruption against the interests of the masses, we must resolutely accountability. Three to promptly report the case. To establish accountability case reporting system, city, county, township discipline inspection organs at all levels should expedite the case submitted to the channel, the monthly reviews on the case of clean government accountability, the investigation of discipline violations, serious social reflect strong responsibility to adhere to a case of a typical case of false news, submitted at any time., conceal, omission, falsification and tampering case statistics to be accountable.  

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