Three never allow the Xining police this year to determine the focus of crime crackdown

Qinghai news network "will never allow the gang in the city of big potential, must not be allowed to influence the black evil crime case, never allow the evil forces of harm", the social order and public security in February 29, 2008, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau proposed for deployment in 2008 the city’s crime crackdown special struggle focus on all kinds of evil gang crime, crime of gangdom, protection against all forms of "".

this special struggle in accordance with "what to focus on combating crime highlighting what crime, what problems mainly solve what problem, what industry chaos is the focus of what industry consolidation" principle, to crack down on trouble, affray, intentional injury, extortion, robbery and theft, gambling, drug-related jurisprudence, lending protection fees to receive in the form of the new evil gang, the maintenance of social order; severely entrenched in the markets, entertainment, transportation, construction, mining and other regional monopolies, fraud, Pa City a party to dominate the gangland crimes, to maintain social and economic order; to crack down on the masses the evil forces crime, and vigorously promote the city crime crackdown special struggle, improve the satisfaction and sense of security, "Ping Anhe Harmonious Xining construction, "safe Olympics" to create a good social environment. (author: Wen Ling)


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