Refuse firecrackers Xining good air

More than 220 people living under the same blue sky in Xining, breathing, improve the city’s air quality, to achieve sky blue, green, clean water ecological environment, is our common goal. To achieve this goal, you are in my small car one day, reduce the use of disposable items, especially in fireworks in a refuse. Do you know how to refuse to set off fireworks and firecrackers, will bring the blue sky in Xining what kind of change? In the evening together with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited the general public to participate in the blue sky for Xining, I can do anything in the public environmental activities, the source, set off 1 firecrackers enough to allow a serious explosion of PM2.5 within 10 cubic meters.In

a firecrackers will produce much haze pollution? According to the experimental results and the Research Center for environmental technology team of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Shangguan Wenfeng burning, a bunch of thousands of ring 3 small firecrackers firecrackers in the test chamber of 30 cubic meters of discharge, PM2.5 concentration is 1230 micrograms / cubic meter, the data burst table value of 500 micrograms / cubic meter 2.46 times. In other words, set off 1 firecrackers enough to allow a serious explosion of PM2.5 within 10 cubic meters.

, is not only environmental protection workers own responsibility, but every one of us is living in this city for the public responsibility, therefore, hope to have thousands on thousands of environmentally concerned people, from today to participate in the environmental protection work, starting from the side small, from the start to reduce the discharge of fireworks together, oh;

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