Three the village of delicious feast

fruit products, eat dinner, gifts…… In the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar October 23rd, the Double Ninth Festival, Chengbei District of Xining City Mafang Street office three village cultural compound, crowded, food fragrance. The village of the more than and 300 old man came to the village’s cultural compound, to celebrate the three village of its twenty-third elderly festival.

cultural compound, the word lined up on the table, holding a bowl of steaming hot rice. The old people sit around two dial, eating steamed bread, boiled rice, while looking at the north of the city Party Committee Propaganda Department and the North District Cultural Center sent theatrical performances. The 97 year old Jia Xiuyuan is a village leader, early in the morning, she came to the courtyard culture and daughter, Jia grandmother said: "the old people in the village as a baby, today not only invited people to show that we are ready to return to boil rice, but also to hear the old people to send money, everyone excited." "Flowers" concert, opera performances, old dance, operatic performance…… North District Cultural Center, said Hu curator, in order to make the elderly happy, the Cultural Center specially arranged for the elderly loved the show.

from the beginning of 1990, every Chung Yeung Festival, three of the village will be the village of the old people gathered together to celebrate their festivals. In three of its village, the festival is the most distinctive place, is the day to gather all the elderly, the collective to eat a delicious meal. The event was invited to participate in 361 elderly people, Wang Zhanbang, who is 75 years old, said: "the first day of the group of leaders from door to door to invite us, which reflects the importance of the village committee of our attention to the."

Li Hongyuan, head of the

village committee, said: "every year, the festival has given the old man a festival, which has been in the village for 23 years. We do this is to form a good atmosphere of respecting and loving the old in the village, the village committee will always do so." (author: Yao Lan Ma Xiaowei)



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